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Today was a good day. #hombrelobodelasolas #dutchsurfboards #singlefin (at San Onofre, California)

Had a little fun yesterday with some paulownia scraps from @appelcorestringers. Im@sure the legit woodworkers could find lots of mistakes with this glue up of 16+ strips, but it sure was fun. Thanks to @trailofjosh for the help and comraderie. #dutchsurfboards #paipo #alaia #handplane ?

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Is that what I think it is? @trailofjosh already posted this and did the due diligence of going back to the @surfline cam rewind and trimming the clip. @briancook32 and I saw it live and I think it was pretty large. #foodchain #localsonly (at San Onofre, the Point)

Fun Saturday peelers 📷 @aubreylao #hombrelobodelasolas #sano #lastpalm

Singlefin fun #SanO #dutchsurfboards #hombrelobodelasolas (at San Onofre Four Doors)

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